Where are diaphragm valves generally used?

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The structure and form of the diaphragm valve are not the same as the traditional valve. It is a cut-off valve in a special form. This cut-off valve is a special and new type of valve. People may know a lot about traditional valves, but they don’t know much about the new generation of diaphragm valves. For example, where is the diaphragm valve generally used, and what does it do? Next, explain and analyze where the diaphragm valve is generally used.

Diaphragm valve with machine vulcanized rubber lining
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The condition where the diaphragm valve can be used: one is ultrapure water, which requires no dead ends in the circulation pipeline; the other is sewage, solution, etc. with impurities, particles in the liquid, the ball valve is prone to wear and internal leakage, and the diaphragm valve is closed up and down. This problem can be greatly avoided, and the diaphragm can be replaced after long-term use. Generally, when the use conditions or requirements of strict sealing performance, mud medium, wear, light structure, low pressure cut-off (small pressure difference), a small amount of leakage to the atmosphere, and abrasive media are required, diaphragm valves are recommended. Diaphragm valves can be used in the condition of two-position adjustment, throttling, adjustment, channel narrowing, low noise, cavitation and vaporization, and low operating torque. Under the conditions of high temperature medium, high pressure medium, high pressure cut-off (large pressure difference), fast opening and closing action, and short structure length, diaphragm valve is not used.

Through the above analysis and introduction to the use of diaphragm valves, we have a clearer understanding of diaphragm valves. Diaphragm valves mainly rely on soft rubber membranes or plastic membranes to control fluid movement. There are many types of diaphragm valves, so the scope of use of diaphragm valves is even larger. I believe that with the progress of economy and technology, the development of diaphragm valves will be further improved, and its use effect will definitely get better and better.

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