The function and installation of the air release valve

The air release valve has three main functions (three functions).

1 , To discharge the air in the pipe when the pipe is just running with water

2 , When the pipe medium is emptied, the outside air is sucked into the pipe, to ensure the air pressure balance inside and outside the pipe.

3, When the pipeline medium is operating normally, a small amount of air in the medium can be discharged from the pipeline through the air release valve.

The air release valve is installed at the highest point of the pipeline. (The specific gravity of the air medium is much lower than the liquid, and it is concentrated at the highest point of the pipeline).

Under normal circumstances, the diameter of the air release valve is 10% of the diameter of the main pipe. Moreover, the installation of the air release valve is a supporting system of the main pipeline.

See the drawing below for details

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