Introduction to the use and classification of flanged butterfly valves

Uses of flanged butterfly valves

Flanged butterfly valves are mainly used in industrial production pipelines. Its function is mainly to cut off the flow of medium in the pipeline or to adjust the size of the medium flow in the pipeline. Flanged butterfly valves are widely used in production pipelines in general industries such as water conservancy engineering, water treatment, petroleum, chemical, urban heating, etc., and can also be used in condensers and cooling water systems of thermal power stations.

Flanged butterfly valve is particularly suitable for making large-diameter valves. It is widely used in large-diameter adjustment fields. When the flanged butterfly valve is fully opened, the flow resistance is small. When the opening angle of the butterfly plate is about 15-70° When, the flanged butterfly valve can control the medium flow very sensitively. In addition, because the butterfly plate of the flanged butterfly valve has wiping properties during rotating motion, this type of valve can be used in pipelines with suspended particulate media. According to the strength of the seal, it can also be used for powder And granular media pipelines

Classification of flanged butterfly valves

Flanged butterfly valves can be divided into soft sealing flange butterfly valves and hard(metal) sealing flange butterfly valves according to the sealing surface material.

The sealing seal of the soft sealing flange butterfly valve is made of rubber, fluoroplastics and other elastic sealing materials; the sealing of the hard sealing flange butterfly valve is made of metal-to-metal, metal-to-fluoroplastic and multi-layer composite board.

The sealing ring of the soft sealing flange butterfly valve can not only be embedded in the valve body channel, but also in the periphery of the butterfly plate. When it is used as a shut-off valve, its sealing performance can reach FCI70-2:2006(ASME B16 · 104) VI Grade, much higher than the hard-sealed flanged butterfly valve; but because the soft sealing material is limited by the use temperature, the soft-sealed flanged butterfly valve is usually used in the field of water conservancy and water treatment at room temperature.

Metal seated flanged butterfly valves have advantages in terms of materials, which can adapt to higher working temperatures, higher working pressures, and have a longer service life than soft-sealed butterfly valves. However, the shortcomings of hard-sealed flanged butterfly valves are also obvious. It is difficult to achieve complete sealing and poor sealing performance. Therefore, this type of flanged butterfly valve is generally used in occasions where the sealing performance is not high, to adjust the flow rate.

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