Compare the no-rising stem gate valve and rising stem gate valve

No-rising stem gate valves are mostly used in low-pressure conditions such as water treatment, and are mostly soft-sealed;

The valve stem rotates to drive the valve disc to move up and down to realize the opening and closing of the valve;

Compared with the rising stem gate valve, the no-rising stem gate valve of the same size has a smaller volume and an advantage in height. Because the stem thread is in the medium, the medium has a certain adverse effect on the stem and affects the thread life. If there are particles such as residues , It will also affect the opening and closing of the valve

STABLE VALVES provide resilient seated gate valve according to BS5163, BS5150, F4, F5, ANSI, SABS664 standard. Metal seated gate valve accoridng to BS5163, F4, F5, ANSI, BS3464.

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