What are main factors affecting industrial valve sealing?

large size butterfly valve

There are many factors that affect valve sealing, We can find there are 4 main elements.

mainly as follows:

1. Sealing structure

Under the change of temperature or sealing force, the structure of the vice-sealing part will change. Moreover, this change will affect and change the force between the vice-sealing part, thereby reducing the performance of the valve sealing.

Therefore, when choosing a seal, be sure to choose a seal with elastic deformation. At the same time, pay attention to the width of the sealing surface. The reason is that the contact surfaces of the sealing pair cannot be completely matched. When the width of the sealing surface increases, the force required for sealing must be increased.

2. Specific pressure of sealing surface

The specific pressure of the sealing surface affects the sealing performance of the valve and the service life of the valve.

Therefore, the specific pressure of the sealing surface is also a very important factor. Under the same conditions, too much specific pressure will cause damage to the valve, but too little will cause valve leakage. Therefore, we need to fully consider the appropriateness of the specific pressure when designing.

3. The physical properties of the medium

The physical properties of the medium also affect the sealing performance of the valve. These physical properties include temperature, viscosity and surface hydrophilicity.

The temperature change not only affects the slackness of the vice-sealing part and changes in the size of the parts, but also has an inseparable relationship with the viscosity of the gas. The gas viscosity increases or decreases as the temperature increases or decreases.

Therefore, in order to reduce the influence of temperature on the sealing performance of the valve, when we design the sealing pair, we must design it into a valve with thermal compensation such as an elastic valve seat.

4. The quality of the vice-sealing pair

The quality of the vice-seal part mainly refers to the selection, matching, and manufacturing accuracy of materials. For example, the valve clack and the sealing surface of the valve seat are in good agreement, which can improve the sealing performance. The characteristic of many hoop waviness is its good labyrinth sealing performance.

Valve leakage is very common in life and production. In the light of it, it will cause waste or bring danger to life. For example, the leakage of tap water valve will lead to serious consequences, such as poisonous, harmful, flammable, explosive and Corrosive media leakage, etc., serious threats to personal safety, property safety, and environmental pollution accidents.

industrial valves
industrial valves
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