How does design cost affect valve cost?

All industries are now trying to find ways to reduce costs, and the valve industry is no exception. Some bosses in the valve industry find that the cost of valve design has a greater impact on their overall cost when reducing costs. So how does the design cost of the valve affect the overall cost of the valve? Let’s take a look together


The influence of design factors on cost is mainly manifested in the following aspects:

01 Functional rationality of design products

The functional rationality of the designed product will affect the manufacturing cost and market reputation of the product, and affect the potential market of the product. The most reasonable design is to design a product that not only meets the requirements of users, but also minimizes its own cost. Therefore, as a valve designer, you need to collect user data extensively, carefully perform statistics and analysis, and then determine the basic valve type with basic functions and a certain degree of improvement as the finalized product of this series of valves

This type can meet the requirements of most users, and for those few users who require higher performance and more complete functions, we can make simple changes and combinations on the basis of this basic type to meet their requirements. Such a product is a reasonable design, and can really reduce the cost to the minimum.


02 Structural rationality of design products

The rationality of the structure of the designed product will affect the weight of the blank and the manufacturability of the product, which in turn affects the raw material procurement cost and process cost. For valve designers, “weight reduction and enhancement” is an eternal pursuit.

For the valve, a special pressure vessel, due to the complexity of its structure and shape, the uncertainty and instability of the actual pressure, the uncertainty of its actual bearing capacity on the engineering pipeline, and the physical nature of the main material. , The instability of chemical properties, due to the lack of corrosion data of various materials under different media and pressures, so far there is no complete set of mechanical (strength, stiffness) calculation theory, which can not only meet the performance of the product, but also Minimize the weight of the product.

However, with the advancement of science, the development of material science and mechanics theory, especially the application of computer technology in the field of material mechanics, our ability to calculate materials is gradually improving. How to better design a more reasonable structure and a more reasonable shape , Products with more reasonable weight will be the direction of every valve designer’s efforts.

03 Process rationality of design products

The process rationality of the designed product will affect the rationality of the processing technology and the processing cost. The simple and complex structure of products and parts, the design of the processing surface, the design of the matching accuracy, and the design of the assembly form will all affect the production of the model, the forming of the blank, the difficulty of the processing technology, the amount of processing and the amount of processing man-hours, and the assembly The difficulty of painting, the difficulty of packaging and transportation, etc. Therefore, when designing, a designer’s craftsmanship experience is very important.

As a qualified designer, you must not only have design and calculation capabilities, but also have a wealth of process knowledge and be familiar with the entire production process of your products. Whether it is casting model making, casting forming, annealing treatment, blank blanking of forgings, stamping forming, welding forming of welded parts, post-welding treatment, or the machining method and process of all parts, assembly test process, and various standards The size and performance of the parts must be sufficiently understood. Only in this way can I apply my own process experience to the actual design, so as to avoid the waste of product design in terms of process.


04 The appearance of the design product is reasonable

The rationality of the appearance of the designed product will affect the market batch of the product, which in turn affects the batch cost. There is a popular experience in the mechanical design industry, which is called “ugly, it must be unreasonable.” In other words, if the shape of the product we design is not good-looking, there must be unreasonable places in terms of stiffness and strength. If the unreasonable shape wants to achieve the required strength and satisfy the performance, it must be achieved by adding materials. Therefore, a reasonable shape design not only looks good, but also saves materials and reduces costs.

Therefore, when users choose a company’s products based on their appearance, they must not simply look at the appearance but not the essence. It is also based on these considerations that STABLE valves have been working hard to achieve beautiful appearance, beautiful appearance and intact packaging for product packaging. Because once such a product passes the trial, it is easy to form a batch order, and if a product can be mass-produced, its model utilization rate, material utilization rate, process fluency, management cost, etc. will be greatly reduced.


05 The quality of the design product is reasonable

The reasonable quality of the designed product will affect the sales cost of the product, especially the after-sales service cost. The quality of a product not only determines the life of a product, but also determines the reputation, survival and development of an enterprise. Product quality For many users, they are pursuing the most comprehensive performance, the best material, the most complete quality, and the lowest price. As for our valve manufacturing company, while pursuing the most reliable quality, we also pay more attention to the lowest cost of the product. As a designer, it is necessary to find a balance between user needs and enterprise pursuit from a design perspective, so that the interests of both parties can be reasonably maintained to the utmost extent.


If the function of the product is not perfect and the quality is not up to standard, various problems and failures will occur in the actual operation of the product. Therefore, manpower, material and financial resources must be used to deal with, solve the problem and improve the product. Many products that are profitable when they are sold will become meager, unprofitable or even at a loss after this process. There is no doubt that this kind of problem is a problem that plagues many companies. It not only affects the profit of the company, but also damages the image of the company and restricts the development of the company.

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