What are the types of butterfly valves? How to represent the different butterfly valve models?

With the advancement of science and technology, the #butterfly #valve manufacturing process has become more sophisticated, and different types have been extended from this, and the uses have become more and more extensive. What types of butterfly valves are there? What is the corresponding model?

There are many types of butterfly valves, and different classification forms can divide butterfly valves into different types. Let’s talk specifically about it below.

1. According to the different connection forms, it can be divided into wafer butterfly valve, flange butterfly valve, welded butterfly valve, threaded butterfly valve, clamp butterfly valve and so on. The most commonly used connection forms are wafer butterfly valves and flanged butterfly valves.

2. According to the different transmission modes, it can be divided into handle butterfly valve, worm gear butterfly valve, pneumatic butterfly valve, electric butterfly valve, hydraulic butterfly valve, solenoid valve and so on. The most common transmission methods are handle, worm gear, pneumatic and electric. The handle butterfly valve and worm gear butterfly valve are collectively called manual butterfly valves.

3. According to the different sealing surface materials, it can be divided into soft sealing butterfly valve and hard sealing butterfly valve. The sealing performance of the soft sealing butterfly valve is better than that of the hard sealing butterfly valve. The commonly used materials for the sealing surface of the soft sealing butterfly valve are EPDM, nitrile rubber, and PTFE. Hard seal butterfly valves are mainly used in high temperature and high pressure working conditions

4.According to the different structure, it can be divided into concentric butterfly valve, single eccentric butterfly valve, double eccentric butterfly valve and triple eccentric butterfly valve. Among them, the concentric butterfly valve generally uses a soft seal; the eccentric butterfly valve uses a hard seal. The triple eccentric butterfly valve is the best valve at present. It not only has the excellent sealing performance of the soft seal butterfly valve, but also has the characteristics of high temperature, high pressure and corrosion resistance of the hard seal butterfly valve.

5.According to different working pressures, it can be divided into vacuum butterfly valve (nominal pressure lower than standard atmospheric pressure), low pressure butterfly valve (nominal pressure PN<1.6MPa), medium pressure butterfly valve (nominal pressure PN2.5-6.4MPa), high pressure butterfly valve (nominal pressure) PN10.0-80.0MPa), ultra-high pressure butterfly valve (nominal pressure PN>100MPa). #High-quality #butterfly #valve #manufacturer, STABLE VALVES mainly produces low-pressure butterfly valves and medium-pressure butterfly valves

The above is an introduction to the types of butterfly valves. Regarding butterfly valve models, the code name of butterfly valves is D. Common butterfly valve models are D71X, D371X, D671X, D971X, and flange types D41X, D341X, D641X, D941X. , Where X stands for rubber material, pipes that encounter corrosive media can be replaced with F fluoroplastics. For the hard seal, you only need to change X or F, that is, the material of the sealing surface, to H, that is, the metal material.

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