Possible failures of butterfly valves and their elimination methods

flange type bbutterfly valve 2


1.The sealing surface is leaking, and there is debris in the butterfly disc and sealing ring of the butterfly valve.

2. The butterfly disc of the butterfly valve and the closed position of the seal are not correct.

3. The outlet is equipped with flange bolts that are not compressed or stressed.

4. The direction of the pressure test is not as required.

Elimination method:

1.Eliminate impurities and clean the inner cavity of the valve.

2. Adjust the limit screws of actuators such as worm gears or electric actuators to achieve the correct closing position of the valve.

3. Check the mounting flange plane and bolt compression force, and they should be evenly compressed.

4. Spinning in the direction of the arrow.

u type butterfly 1
u type butterfly 1



Leakage on both ends of the valve

1. The sealing gaskets on both sides fail.

2. The pipe flange has uneven or not tight pressure.

Elimination method:

1. Replace the sealing gasket.

2. Tighten the flange bolts (evenly).

lug butterfly valve
lug butterfly valve
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